Thread Vein Treatments

We are now offering treatments for the removal of thread and spider veins of the legs, from our West Wickham high street clinic, near Bromley and Beckenham.


Appearance of Thread Veins

These superficial leg veins typically present as small blue or purple veins in the skin. They often have the appearance of tree branches with short and jagged lines.


Thread Vein Treatments

Due to advances in medicine and technology, superficial leg veins may now be treated in a minimally invasive manner, enabling a swift return to normal activity.

The heart pumps blood to the extremities via the arteries. Veins channel blood back to the heart and contain one-way valves to ensure the flow of blood is unidirectional.


If the valves are obstructed, or if the veins are subjected to prolonged pressure, they can stretch and not close properly. This can result in the blood travelling back down through the veins towards the feet. Blood can then pool in the veins near the surface of the skin and initially present as thin, spidery looking blue or purple looking thread veins.


Over time, thread veins may enlarge and develop into varicose veins.


All clients seeking to have their thread veins removed are booked in for a veins consultation, this will enable targeted treatment that gives long lasting results. 


During the consultation the doctor will take a detailed medical history and conduct a thorough examination of both legs. All thread veins need to be investigated as they may be a result of deeper varicose veins that are hidden beneath the skin. 


Clients will be advised on the number of treatments they will likely require and the cost of treatment. Variables are the size and the number of veins to be treated. 


If indicated and if time allows, treatment may proceed on the day of the consultation.

Micro-sclerotherapy is used to treat spider or thread veins in the lower limbs. It involves injecting a liquid into the veins which acts to collapse and destroy them.


How does it work?

Sclerosants such as sodium tetradecyl sulphate (STS) have been used since 1946 to successfully treat veins. Fine needles are used to inject the sclerosants into the veins which act by destroying the cells in the lining of the veins. The cells become irritated, stick together and ultimately disappear.


A micro-sclerotherapy treatment session can take anything from 20 – 40 mins.


A 10min rest after treatment is advised, after which gentle activities may resume.


Depending on the extent of the veins and the response to the initial injections, further treatment may be required, often more than one set of injections is required.

Treatment options and prices depend on the condition of the veins and how many veins require treatment. A complimentary estimate may be given remotely following a photo review. Exact pricing will be discussed during the veins consultation. 


Complimentary 15min veins consultation.

See & Treat Session: Full veins consultation and treatment, from £350.


If you would like to book an appointment over the phone or discuss the treatments on offer, call 020 8777 1500, or send an email to


Late cancellation policy: There is no late cancellation fee if you change or cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance. Under this time, cancellations or non-attendances will be charged in full. 


Dr Jiten Kalyan DMED, MRCS, MRCGP has been

practicing medicine for over 20 years. He has a background in surgery, having rotated through various surgical roles in general, vascular and plastic surgery prior to transitioning to general practice.


He qualified as a General Practitioner having trained in the North East London Training scheme where he rotated through diabetes and endocrinology, general medicine, paediatrics, ear nose and throat surgery and care of older people. This gives Dr Kalyan a broad depth of clinical knowledge and skills, enabling a holistic approach to all aspect of your treatment.


During his surgical training, he was involved in clinical research where he supervised a clinical trial with published outcomes. Dr Kalyan has also collaborated on several other published research projects. He has been involved in the teaching of medical students as well as presenting at conferences both locally and internationally.


He also has an interest in minor surgery, joint injections, skin (moles), and aesthetics.

I started using services at The Artemis Clinic about 9 weeks ago and its been an incredible experience. Elaine and all the staff are so friendly and welcoming, and the treatments are amazing. I could not believe the  end results! Its been a wonderful experience and I would definitely use the clinic again and highly recommend  it.

Danielle Purchase - Google review

The whole team at Artemis are amazing. Very professional, friendly, modern and great help. Can totally recommend.

John Dalton - Google review

The Artemis Clinic is a very welcoming and professional practice. Highly recommend.

J.R. - client feedback form

I cannot praise the treatment I have received at The Artemis Clinic enough.  I am much more active now and pain is reduced immensely. Everyone at Artemis is so caring and positive. It has made a big difference to my life.”

G Crosbie

Lovely staff, fantastic and relaxing place. Has been an absolute godsend for me and will continue to be. Thank-you.”

S. Jordan


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