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Our sedentary and busy lifestyles can easily result in muscular tension and stress accumulating in the body. This is particularly so with the neck and lower back, so we offer massage therapy in West Wickham, Bromley near Beckenham – which can help ease the build-up of muscular tension often creating an aching, tight or burning feeling.



Muscular Tension Related to Posture:


Anyone spending long periods of time in a sitting position, whether behind a computer or a driving wheel, will likely be dealing with some kind of postural stress. Not many of us manage to maintain good posture whilst sitting. Even if we do manage optimal sitting posture, it remains an unnatural position for us to be in for any period of time. Ongoing postural stress can lead to a gradual build-up of muscular tension, stiffness and ache.



The Effects of Emotional Stress and Anxiety on the Body:


Stress and anxiety are not only emotional states, but are an increasingly recognised contributors to physical ill health. A stressed emotional state can often exacerbate an underlying physical issue. Stress may result in muscular tension gradually accumulating in the body. Typical areas for muscular ache and tension to be felt are the neck and lower back.



How Can Massage Therapy Help Me?


Regular massage therapy, even once a month, can have long-term and numerous health benefits, such as to –


  • Release stiff and tired muscles
  • Increase circulation to overused muscles
  • Enable relaxation and mindfulness
  • Increase sleep and reduce anxiety
  • Increase energy and concentration

The value of taking time out just for you should not be under estimated. It can present an opportunity for you to physically relax, stop, rest, or to just be in the moment.


Sports Massage:


Sports massage is a deep tissue style of massage therapy and can be beneficial to all, not just those participating in sports. It can address deep and long standing tension that often accumulates in muscles over time.

Incorporated into a sporting regime, sports massage can help maintain muscles that are being pushed through training, in optimal condition. It is an effective treatment to help athletes of any level enhance training, prevent injury and facilitate recovery from injury.


Following a consultation with the therapist, you will be advised on the most appropriate type of massage therapy to help you achieve your goals.


If required, your therapist can advise you on relevant stretches and postural advice, this information can be emailed directly to you.



How Much Does Massage Therapy Cost?


  • One hour – £50
  • Thirty minutes – £32


Payment may be made by credit card or cash.


If you would like to book an appointment or discuss whether massage therapy is suitable for you, contact The Artemis Clinic based in West Wickham, just a short drive from Beckenham & Bromley on 020 8777 1500 or email

Very professional, friendly and discreet service. Elaine Gavin and Chloe Shand highly recommended. .


A very relaxing and calming environment. I have had a couple of massages from Chloe, she is very friendly and professional. Great clinic that I recommend to everyone.


I cannot praise the treatment I have received at the Artemis Clinic enough. Both Elaine and Chloe have helped me overcome restricted movement and ongoing pain resulting from surgery. I am much more active now and pain is reduced immensely. I have gained confidence and have been able to return to a job which I love. Everyone at Artemis is so caring and positive. It has made a big difference to my life. 

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