Skin Tag, Mole & Blemish Removals

We offer a range of treatments for the removal of skin tags, moles and superficial skin blemishes from our clinic in West Wickham, near Beckenham & Bromley.


Minor skin imperfections are very common, tend to be harmless, and may arise due to factors such as age, ultra-violet damage and various medical conditions.


Which treatment to use for removal of moles, skin tags and skin blemishes?

Send a picture of the skin blemish to, indicating where on the body it is if it is not obvious. Following a specialist review, we will reply with a provisional diagnosis, the most appropriate method of removal and the cost. Factors influencing how it to be removed are age, the size, location and type of blemish. 


Treatment Methods Used For Skin Blemish Removals: Electrocautery, CryoPen, Surgical and Shave Excision.

Electrocautery is a low

 risk quick and effective

method of treating skin blemishes. Very fine, sterile needles are used to introduce electric current to heat, cauterise or lift away the superficial dermis. This technique successfully reduces the appearance of unwanted blemishes and offers immediate and long term results.


Electrocautery, suitable for age 18 and over, is one of the least invasive treatments for the removal of a range of superficial skin imperfections including appropriate moles.


Mole Removal Only: Our electrocautery service is provided by an electrologist. To use this service for mole removal, we require confirmation that your GP has checked the mole within the last six months and confirmed it is benign. We require the date of confirmation and the name of the GP. Alternatively, book a GP Mole / Skin Consultation with our private GP for confirmation that the mole is benign.


Consultation: A consultation is required at which time the skin is assessed and suitability for treatment is discussed. The number of sessions required depend on the number, size and location of the blemishes to be removed. Obviously uncomplicated blemishes are typically treated on the day of the consultation.


Treatment: Our experienced and highly trained practitioner uses a sterilised and disposable probe to introduce electric current to the blemish. This will have a heating effect and cause the imperfection to coagulate or dry like a crust. 


During treatment there may be a mildly uncomfortable stinging sensation. Clients will have the option of applying EMLA numbing cream prior to attending if they wish.


Following treatment there may be scabs or fine crusts which may last for between 5 – 14 days. It is important at this stage not to touch or remove them. There is also often swelling and redness around the treated area for the initial 24 hours post treatment. An itching sensation is to be expected as the skin regenerates and heals.


How many sessions are necessary for electrocautery removal depends on the presenting skin condition and will be discussed at the initial consultation. A few skin tags or moles are typically removed in one 15 minute treatment session.



Blemish removal with the CryoPen is a highly effective and safe treatment that freezes and destroys benign skin lesions. It uses liquified nitrous oxide to destroy the tissues by freezing the fluid in the cells which in turn forms into ice shards that rupture the cell membrane. Following this process, the cells of the lesion are destroyed.


The benefits of freezing

using the CryoPen are no anaesthetic is required, there is minimal scarring and there is no limitation on daily activities following treatment. The pen like structure allows for targeted treatments, ensuring no surrounding healthy tissue is affected during the treatment process.


The CryoPen can be used to safely treat a wide range of skin lesions such as pigmented spots, sun spots, warts, seborrheic keratoses and skin tags.



Surgical excision involves removing the blemish and a small margin of the surrounding skin using a scalpel or surgical scissors. Local anaesthetic is injected before the procedure to ensure it is a comfortable process. The excised tissue is then  placed in a specimen jar and sent via courier for testing at a histology laboratory. 


Shave excision is the most common form of removal for moles and blemishes that protrude from the surface of the skin. Before the procedure, a local anaesthetic is administered to ensure the process is comfortable. A surgical razor is used to gently shave the blemish off and plane it down to the level of the surrounding skin. Shave excisions are quick, comfortable, heal within 7 – 10 days and do not require stitches.


The cost of removal may vary depending on the number of lesions to be removed, their size and location. The doctor will be clear if there are any additional costs involved.


Histology (biopsy) is a medical requirement for most lesion removals (not skin tags). The specimen samples are sent off site to a laboratory and the price of this is £199. If there are a number of lesions to be removed, this does not increase the cost of histology as seven specimens from one individual can be included in one sample. 


We offer a CryoPen See & Treat wart removal

service. This is service is suitable for all ages and there is no requirement for photos to be sent in advance of booking your appointment.


CryoPen uses liquified nitrous oxide to freeze the fluid in the wart’s cells which in turn form into ice shards that rupture the cell membranes. Following this process, the cells that make up the wart are destroyed. The pen like structure allows for more targeted treatments, ensuring no healthy tissue around the wart is affected during treatment.


 Electrocautery: 15mins, up to three blemishes


 Electrocautery: 30mins, more than three blemishes


 CryoPen Skin Blemish Removal


 Surgical Excision: Mole, Cyst Removal


 Shave Excision: Wart, Skin Tag, Mole Removal


 Wart Removal: CryoPen See & Treat session, up to three warts


 Wart Removal: CryoPen See & Treat session, up to six warts


 GP: Mole / Skin Check



Book online via our website or to book an appointment over the phone and for information regarding our skin tag, mole and blemish removal services, call 020 8777 1500 or email


Late cancellation policy: There is no late cancellation fee if you change or cancel your appointment more than 24hours in advance. Under this time, any cancellations or non-attendances will be charged and deposits will be used. Deposits are non-transferrable between clients.

Suzanne Quinn MGBT obtained her qualifications 

for advanced cosmetic techniques from the British Association of Electrologists in 2002. In the intervening twenty one years she has gained vast experience in this specialised field working in Edenbridge, West Wickham and Bromley.


Working closely with the medical team at The Artemis Clinic, she will always give expert treatment and clear advice regarding what can be achieved with electrocautery and the outcomes to be expected.



Dr Jiten Kalyan DMED, MRCS, MRCGP has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. He has a background in surgery, having rotated through various surgical roles in general, vascular and plastic surgery prior to transitioning to general practice.


He qualified as a General Practitioner having trained in the North East London Training scheme where he rotated through diabetes and endocrinology, general medicine, paediatrics, ear nose and throat surgery and care of older people. This gives a broad depth of clinical knowledge enabling a holistic view to your healthcare.


During his surgical training, he was involved in clinical research where he supervised a clinical trial with published outcomes. Dr Kalyan has also collaborated on several other published research projects. He has been involved in the teaching of medical students as well as presenting at conferences both locally and internationally.


He also has an interest in minor surgery, joint injections, skin (moles), and aesthetics.

Such a beautiful place! Had a treatment with Suzanne (mole removal) – it was painless and over in seconds. Such a hassle free solution, I didn’t realise such treatment existed! Staff and environment is clean and professional. I will definitely recommend and I look forward to exploring other treatments here soon. Thank you! x


Thrilled with the overall experience. Thank you.


The whole team at Artemis are amazing. Very professional, friendly, modern and great help. Can totally recommend.


The Artemis Clinic is a very welcoming and professional practice. Highly recommend.


The Artemis  Clinic is a wonderful place to go for any treatment. I have tried a few treatments at the clinic and they have all been amazing. The atmosphere of the clinic is very calm and relaxing. The staff and therapists are all welcoming and helpful. This is definitely a clinic I would always recommend to family and friends.


Great service, excellent communication and very friendly staff. I would recommend to anyone.”

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This clinic has a peaceful and calming atmosphere, staff make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door.
I would recommend any of the services provided here, when basing my opinion on my amazing personal experiences!”


What a wonderful clinic. I am relatively new to the clinic but recommended to a number of friends because the treatment and service is second to none.”

A Cowell

Lovely staff, fantastic and relaxing place. Has been an absolute godsend for me and will continue to be. Thank-you.”

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