Laser Lipo Inch Loss

Strawberry Laser Lipo is an effective inch loss treatment that can transform your body with little effort on your part.


Our clinic’s own before and after pictures are testament to the effectiveness of this pain free treatment. The inches gradually drop off as you progress into your Strawberry Laser Lipo course. What’s more, once the inches are off, they stay off!


The Try Me session enables you to experience a treatment (clients usually find it very relaxing), ask questions and start losing those unwanted inches. Call to book a course or a Try Me session at our High Street clinic in West Wickham, near Bromley and Beckenham.

laser lipo BeckenhamLaser lipolysis (commonly known as Laser Lipo) uses low levels of laser energy to disrupt fat cell membranes, thus rendering the membranes porous. As a result, the contents of the fat cell (adipocyte) spill out into the area between the cells. Sugar (glycerol) and water are also released, these compounds are used elsewhere by the body. The fat cell is still present, however, it has lost its round shape and is now flat.


The newly released fat elements (triglycerides) are then transported through the body’s lymphatic system and ultimately exit the body on urination. This is why Laser Lipo is proven to give long term results – the fat is eliminated from the body.


Exercise within twenty four hours of treatment ensures the breakdown and removal of fat from the area.
Strawberry Laser lipo is a particularly safe treatment and is clinically proven to act only on fat cells. The laser has no impact on skin, muscle, nerve or vascular tissues.

laser lipo BromleyThere is no downtime after a session of Strawberry Laser Lipo. You can immediately return to your normal activities with absolutely no pain, no swelling and no discomfort.

When Laser liposuction results be seen?Measurable results are often seen immediately following each treatment session. The main measurable difference, though, is between the measurements taken at the first and last sessions of a course of Laser Lipo.


The scale of inch loss achieved will depend on the individual. Some clients show results immediately whilst others take a number of sessions for the fat cells to be broken down.

8 Laser Lipo sessions are necessary to achieve optimal results. It takes time for the fat cells to progressively break down, this will occur over the duration of the eight sessions.


A Laser Lipo course consists of eight 30min sessions over (typically) four weeks.


If a client needs to complete their sessions in under four weeks, this can be accommodated and discussed at the first session. We are sensitive to the needs of clients under pressure to achieve their goals by a specific date.

The benefits of Laser Lipo are long term. The fat (triglycerides) that has been released from the cells has been eliminated from the body and will not return (unless it is replaced!). All we ask from our clients is they maintain a generally healthy lifestyle and the results of the Laser Lipo will remain.

Cardio-vascular exercise within 24 hours is necessary and must be for a minimum of 40 unbroken minutes. A fast walk is sufficient, it is not necessary to go to the gym or run. What is most important is that the level of exercise must be to the point of gently perspiring (or a little short of breath if trying to have a conversation) and maintained at this level for 40 minutes.

Laser Lipo does what it claims to do and all clients will lose unwanted inches, however some clients will achieve more remarkable results than others. The level of inch loss can depend on a number of factors such as:


  • A larger client with more to lose will have more dramatic inch loss than a client who is having Laser Lipo to trim a stubborn area.
  • Inch loss will be more for a larger area such as the tummy than the arms.
  • The amount of inches lost will depend on the level of input from the client. We ask that clients exercise as advised, maintain a healthy diet and reduce alcohol intake for the duration of the course.


The most a client has lost in the clinic is 7 ¼ inches (a single measurement taken from just below the belly button). Other clients have lost much less yet have been equally pleased with their results. Some clients do not have much to lose and have Laser Lipo to address a small amount of fat on a particular body part.


The most popular area of treatment is the tummy region. It is typical for clients having Laser Lipo in this area to report their trousers are looser, particularly in the second half of the course.


We have a number of repeat clients for this service and always strive to achieve the best results possible for each client.

Laser Lipo offers a safer, more comfortable and affordable alternative to surgical liposuction. The results are long-term and the process itself is deeply relaxing.


Cost for 8 Laser Lipo sessions is £595.


Payment may be made by card or cash.


If you would like to book an appointment or discuss our Laser Lipo services, contact the clinic on 020 8777 1500 or email us at

Very impressed with the clinic look and feel. Easy going relaxed atmosphere. Treatment is easy and effective, visible results and I was sceptic before. I wasn’t sure if this would show results as prominently as this and I’m quite surprised. I would happily return here for all cosmetic needs. I think it’s a lovely, professional place.”


I recently completed a course of laser Lipo to help shift stubborn fat after having a baby.


I was absolutely thrilled with the results and would highly recommend Laser Lipo. The whole experience was extremely professional and thorough. The clinic itself deserves 5 stars for stylish appearance and cleaniness, along with the helpful and friendly staff. I have recommended the treatment and clinic (which boasts a superb variety of other treatments) to my friends and family who have also been very satisfied.”


Read up on laser lipo and was very sceptical but thought I would give it a try. After my 8 sessions I lost 10 inches from my midriff and stomach area. So very happy as my stomach hasn’t shrunk in years. There is always a warm welcome at the clinic, it always runs to time and nothing is too much trouble for Elaine and the staff. I would highly recommend.”



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