Cyst, Lipoma & Skin Lesion Removals

What is a Cyst?

Cysts present as lumps under the skin. They are small sacs of tissue, filled with an oily substance, and lie close to the skin’s surface. Cysts often present like a small pea just beneath the skin. Common locations for cysts are the neck, face and trunk. Most cysts are harmless and grow slowly and painlessly. They can occasionally become inflamed, swollen, tender or infected.

Lipoma & Cyst Removal


Typical reasons for cysts to develop are blocked glands or hair follicles. The blockage results in a process that creates a sac that fills with dead skin cells and/or keratin.


It is important to not manipulate or squeeze cysts. They may be unsightly and can usually be removed safely by surgical excision.


What is a Lipoma?

Lipomas are benign fatty lumps and are made up of a collection of mature fat cells. They usually grow between the skin and muscle. Most lipomas are harmless however some may contain blood vessels, called angiolipomas, which are commonly painful. Some lipomas can grow and press on nerves resulting in discomfort and pain.


There is no clear reason why lipomas develop. Genetic factors are likely involved as they often run in families. Ageing is also a factor as they most frequently occur over the age of forty. Lipomas can appear on any part of the body however they are most frequently found on the back, arms, neck and legs. They can be unsightly or painful and depending on location, they can usually be removed by surgical excision.


Which treatment option is best for the removal of my skin blemish / lesion?

Send a picture of the skin blemish to, indicating where on the body it is, if it is not obvious. Following a specialist review, we will reply with a provisional diagnosis, the most appropriate method of removal and the cost. Factors influencing the method of removal are age, the size, location and type of blemish. 


For blemishes in intimate areas, email us about removal but do not send images. 

There are a number of reasons why someone may wish to remove a cyst or lipoma, including for cosmetic reasons, because it is growing, causing irritation or is painful.


If you have had a consultation with the doctor and it has been decided to proceed with treatment, you may be advised to book in for a removal session. A removal session includes treatment information and consent, the procedure, post operative instructions, dressings and any post treatment reviews that may be required.


Excision involves removing the lesion and a small margin of the surrounding skin using a scalpel or a surgical scissors. During the procedure, a small incision is used to minimise scarring and local anaesthetic is used to minimise discomfort.


  • Cysts: the small communication tract that exists between the cyst and the skin must be excised as well as the whole sac to reduce the possibility of regrowth.
  • Lipomas: removal requires dissecting to the level beneath the muscle.


Once removed, the wound is sealed. Any stitches used will be removed about seven days following surgery. A minor surgical removal may take between 45 mins – 2 hrs.


The cost of surgical excision is £450, however this may vary depending on the nature, size, depth and location of the lesion to be removed. 


Histology (biopsy) is medically required for all cyst, lipoma and most mole removals (not warts). Any removed lesion samples are sent to a specialist laboratory, ensuring any worrying or potentially harmful lesions are analysed quickly for peace of mind. 


Which treatment to use for removal of moles, skin tags and skin blemishes?

Send a picture of the skin blemish to, indicating where on the body it is, if it is not obvious. Following a specialist review, we will reply with a provisional diagnosis, the most appropriate method of removal and the cost. Factors influencing how it to be removed are age, the size, location and type of blemish. 


We offer a range of treatments for the removal of skin blemishes, including Cryosurgery, Surgical and Shave Excision.


Blemish removal with the CryoPenCryopen Bromley Beckenham  is a highly effective and safe treatment that freezes and destroys benign skin lesions. It uses liquified nitrous oxide to destroy the tissues by freezing the fluid in the cells, which in turn forms into ice shards that rupture the cell membrane. Following this process, the cells of the lesion are effectively destroyed.


The benefits of CryoPen freezing are no anaesthetic is required, there is minimal scarring and there is no limitation on daily activities following treatment. The pen like structure allows for targeted treatment, ensuring no surrounding healthy tissue is affected during treatment. Histology is not required with CryoPen removals.


Surgical excision involves removing the blemish and a small margin of the surrounding skin using a scalpel or surgical scissors. Local anaesthetic is injected before the procedure to ensure it is a comfortable process. The excised tissue is then placed in a specimen jar and sent via courier for testing at a histology laboratory. 


Shave excision is the most common form of removal for moles and blemishes that protrude from the surface of the skin. Before the procedure, a local anaesthetic is administered to ensure the process is comfortable. A surgical razor is used to gently shave the blemish off and plane it down to the level of the surrounding skin. Shave excisions are quick, comfortable, heal within 7 – 10 days, and do not require stitches.


Histology (biopsy) is medically required for all cyst, lipoma and most mole removals (not warts). Any removed lesion samples are sent to a specialist laboratory, ensuring any worrying or potentially harmful lesions are analysed quickly for peace of mind. 


The initial consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment, if treatment takes place on the day, or is booked within four weeks of the initial consultation.


We encourage clients to email a photo of the lesion to be removed in advance of booking a consultation. This will let you know if we can assist with the concern, give a provisional diagnosis and price guide in advance of booking a consultation. To send in photos is optional and a consultation may be booked without forwarding photos.


There is no additional cost for post-operative reviews if required.


Skin Lesion Removals    
Initial consultation – Doctor Mole / Skin Check (redeemable against the cost of removal)   £95

CryoPen blemish removal

one lesion £150
Surgical Excision of cysts, lipoma, moles (from) one lesion £450
Shave excision of moles and warts (from) one lesion £350
Histology / Biopsy   £199


The initial consultation may be booked online via our website, choose the Doctor Mole / Skin Check option.


Or to book a consultation over the phone and for information regarding our services, call 020 8777 1500 or email We are located above Lakewood Pharmacy in West Wickham High Street, near Beckenham and Bromley.


Late cancellation policy: There is no late cancellation fee if you change or cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance. Under this time, cancellations or non-attendances will be charged in full. Deposits are non-transferrable between clients..


Dr Jiten Kalyan DMED, MRCS,  Cyst & Lipoma TreatmentMRCGP has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. He has a background in surgery, having rotated through various roles in general, vascular and plastic surgery prior to moving into general practice.


He qualified as a General Practitioner having trained in the North East London Training scheme where he rotated through diabetes, endocrinology, general medicine, paediatrics, ear nose and throat surgery and care of older people. This gives Dr Kalyan a broad depth of clinical knowledge and skills enabling a holistic approach to all aspect of your treatment.


During his surgical training, he was involved in clinical research where he supervised a clinical trial with published outcomes. Dr Kalyan has also collaborated on several other published research projects. He has been involved in the teaching of medical students as well as presenting at conferences both locally and internationally.


He also has an interest in minor surgery, joint injections, skin (moles), and aesthetics.

The Artemis Clinic is a lovely place with a very calming and peaceful atmosphere and a very professional, knowledgeable team. Highly Recommended.


Jon C - Google review

I attended the clinic for a minor procedure after finding the website online. The online booking system was very easy and was followed up with a notification and a call to offer me an earlier slot due to a cancellation.
The site is conveniently located on West Wickham High Street and very pleasant and surprisingly spacious inside. The lady on reception was very nice and made me welcome.
The clinician who treated me was friendly and professional, giving me a good explanation of my options. The room was well equipped and I was very happy with my service. I would definitely recommend the Artemis Clinic to friends going forward.

Mike Webster - Google review

I recently had some shave excision treatment for seborrheic keratosis and some moles at this clinic. Some earlier cryotherapy on the NHS had not managed to solve this particular troublesome seborrheic keratosis. This clinic was recommended to me by a friend. Plus my GP surgery verified it. Dr Kalyan was excellent. I felt comfortable at both my appointments with him. He explained everything very clearly including risks etc. I was pleased that when the first lot of local anaesthetic didn’t numb the pain, he gave me another lot so the procedure was comfortable & pain free. I am very pleased with the treatment I received & the care shown to me. I would recommend this clinic & the services of Dr Kalyan. Thank you

Lucy Walker - Google review

Had a really good experience with lovely people. Very quick in getting seen and communication via email. Procedure was painless! Highly recommend.

Gabby Howell - Google reviews

This was my first meeting with Dr Kalyan and I was very pleased with the way he explained procedures available and the way he carried out the treatment.

Ulf Larsson - Google review

The whole team at Artemis are amazing. Very professional, friendly, modern and great help. Can totally recommend.

John Dalton - Google review

Very impressed with the clinic look and feel. Easy going relaxed atmosphere. Treatment is easy and effective, visible results and I was sceptic before. I wasn’t sure if this would show results as prominently as this and I’m quite surprised. I would happily return here for all cosmetic needs. I think it’s a lovely, professional place.”

Becky - client feedback form

I cannot praise the treatment I have received at The Artemis Clinic enough.  I am much more active now and pain is reduced immensely. Everyone at Artemis is so caring and positive. It has made a big difference to my life.”

G Crosbie

What a wonderful clinic. I am relatively new to the clinic but recommended to a number of friends because the treatment and service is second to none.”

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