We offer therapeutic and sports massage in West Wickham near Beckenham & Bromley. Our sedentary and busy lifestyles can easily result in tension and stress accumulating in the body. This is particularly so with the back and neck muscles. Massage can help ease the build up of tension in these muscles which often present as an aching, tight or burning feeling.

Postural Stress – Anyone spending long stretches in front of a computer will likely be dealing with some kind of postural stress. Not many of us manage to maintain good posture in front of a computer screen. Even if we manage to maintain good posture, it is still an unnatural position for us to maintain for any period of time let alone a full working day. Postural stress can result in pain, tension or weakness in the neck and back muscles.

The Effect of Emotional Stress and Anxiety on the Body – Stress and anxiety are not only emotional states but are a huge contributor to physical ill health. A stressed emotional state can often exacerbate an underlying physical issue. Stress can also result in muscular tension and ache gradually accumulating in the body until it gets to the stage where it is causing pain and stiffness.

The Benefits of Massage to You – Massage can contribute to counteracting all the sitting you do. A therapeutic massage can increase and restore circulation to stiff tired muscles. It can relax and soften overused and tense muscles.
While massage therapy will not reduce your stress load directly, massage can enable you to physically relax, stop and rest, be in the moment. The value of taking time out just for you should not be under estimated. The benefits of massage also include enhanced sleep, reduced anxiety, increased energy and improved concentration.

Sports Massage – Sports massage is a deep tissue style of massage and can be beneficial to all types not just those participating in sports. It can address deep and long standing tension than can accumulate in muscles over time.
Incorporated into a sporting regime, sports massage can help maintain a body that is being pushed through training in optimal condition. It is an effective treatment to help athletes of any level enhance training, prevent injury and facilitate recovery from injury.

The Benefits of Sports Massage – The benefits of being proactive in maintaining the condition of your body is protection against a build up of tension in muscles, ligaments and joints. Sports massage therapy can stimulate blood circulation, improve tissue elasticity and prevent scar tissue forming. Your sports therapist will use deep tissue techniques to manipulate soft tissue including muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Following a consultation with your therapist, you will be advised on the most appropriate type of massage therapy to help you achieve your goals.

If required, your therapist will give you relevant stretches and posture advice, this information will also be sent to clients via email.

Massage in Beckenham, Bromley and West Wickham

One hour massage session – £49

Thirty minute massage session – £30

If you would like to book in for a massage session in West Wickham (a short drive from Beckenham & Bromley) please call the clinic on 020 8777 1500.
In addition mid week and evening availability, both Saturday and Sunday massage appointments are also available.

Massage Beckenham and Bromley

"A very relaxing and calming environment. I have had a couple of massages from Chloe, she is very friendly and professional. Great clinic that I recommend to everyone."
Debbie Allen Sep 2016
"Very professional, friendly and discreet service. Elaine Gavin and Chloe Shand highly recommended."
Doug A Sep 2016

We are proud to announce we have been nominated as finalists in two categories in the Bromley Business Awards. Thank – you to all our loyal customers for their support over the years.



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