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In a private practice setting, physiotherapy is a profession concerned with accurately assessing, diagnosing and treating musculo-skeletal dysfunction and pain

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Laser Lipo

Is a revolutionary inch loss process that uses state of the art laser technology for guaranteed inch loss

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Botox & Dermal Fillers

Botox and dermal fillers administered by a consultant facial surgeon, leaders in anti-wrinkle provision in Bromley

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Sports Injuries

We have a wide range of expertise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.

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Massage – Sport & Holistic

Relieve tension based pain especially in the neck and back areas

Accupuncture Icon


Offers pain relief for acute and chronic conditions with no adverse side effects.

Microdermabrasion Icon

Microdermabrasion & Skin Peels

Achieve excellent and natural-looking results with our range of non-surgical specialist skin care treatments.

Dermalux Icon

Dermalux & CACI

The ultimate non-surgical facial treatments

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Icon

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

A talking therapy that can assist in managing problems by addressing how you think and behave.

Osteopathy Icon


Is a profession that works with the structure and function of the body, and is a system of diagnosis and treatment

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Room Rental

Rooms available to rent in modern, professional and peaceful environment